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Learn More About the Life and Career of Mark Winters


Mark Winters is a rock musician based in Sugar Land, TX. His optimistic perspective in life along with the influences from other people and love for guitar drew him to music. He started his career by playing cover songs with the support of a close friend. Along the journey, he felt the urge to share his original voice.

Mark’s grandmother taught him how to express himself through poetry. Combining his knowledge in music and verse, Mark was able to form his definitive poetic style, described as “rock with a positive vibe.” His newest song embodies this signature sound.

Aside from regularly releasing new music, Mark also performs live as much as he can. His past performances include large charity events such as the Matco BB Fundraiser at the Sam Houston Raceway Park and the MS 150 in La Grange.

Latest Releases


Be There: Debut Single

Mark’s debut single "Be There" will be released on May 23. This song perfectly highlights his background in poetry by expertly blending deeply emotional lyrics with an uplifting message.

Big drums, electric guitar, strong bass lines, acoustic guitar rhythms, and prominent vocal melodies ensure that Mark’s message will resonate with listeners long after they are done listening to the track. "Be There" was recorded and mixed at the House of Blues Studios in Nashville and Channel Land Production in Los Angeles.

Mark has great new music set for release in the coming months, leading to the release of his new album "SlipStream" in August. Each month, he plans to release a new single with accompanying music videos.


Copper Queen: New Summer Hit

Experience the season of summer by listening to Mark Winters’ newest single "Copper Queen.” In this song, he lays out a smooth and effortless melody that is sure to be a new beachside favorite.

The Sugar Land-based rocker has drawn inspiration for "Copper Queen" from sunshine, windsurfing, curling waves, and a beautiful copper-haired girl. These are moments in his life where a new experience took him in an unexpected direction.

"Copper Queen" will be released June 20 on all music platforms. Follow Mark Winters on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also check out his website for news and updates.