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Howdy!  I am very thankful you have taken some time to be a part of my artistic journey.  You may have heard an original “Rock With A Positive Vibe” song like, Copper Queen or my latest single Signal.  Maybe you have even had a few minutes to enjoy one of my Haiku’s set to a musical vibe.  I would love for you to continue the journey with me for some behind the scenes concerts, songs, and poems (even some bluper reels!).  Please take a minute to sign up for the email/SMS and I will share a private link to the Positive Vibe Tribe hangout.  I post some more in-depth thoughts on song writing, journeys and stories, as well as offer some private online concerts to the community.  I also coordinate volunteer days when I am in an area playing a show, and special concert ticket deals and merch.

Thanks for stopping in, and hope to see you on the other side!